45 Ways to Raise Yourself into a Higher Frequency in your Day-to-Day Life

45 Ways to Raise Yourself into a Higher Frequency in your Day-to-Day Life

A high frequency is a state of being where life feels fun, light, happy, carefree, creative, peaceful, and joyful. Life just seems to flow. Striving to attain a high frequency state is not selfish. It is, in fact, good for the whole planet. When we are enjoying a high frequency state, we are feeling a sense of unity, a sense of oneness—thus, we are not only feeling loving towards ourselves, but we are also filled with love and compassion for everyone else, too,

Here is a list of 45  ways you can quickly raise yourself into a higher frequency in day-to-day life.

  1. Practice Self-Love - Love yourself no matter where you are on your journey.
  2. Choose Happiness - as often as possible
  3. Live in the Present moment - Remember to live in the moment not your past or future.
  4. Love - Live life with your heart open.
  5. Non-attachment to Thoughts - Be the witness of your thoughts, good or bad - don't get sucked in to them.
  6. Be conscious of your Emotions - Allow them to pass through, don’t feed the negative.
  7. Focus on the Positive - Try not to become negative - if you do try and shift your focus.
  8. Start Believing - Open yourself up to possibilities.
  9. Clear away mental & emotional clutter - Don’t allow your past to sabotage the  present moment.  
  10. Honor yourself & your choices - Always choose that which makes you stronger in life. 
  11. Practice Gratitude - Be thankful for what you have right now.
  12. Give - Without expecting anything in return.
  13. Be Kind & Compassionate - Always choose the higher vibration.
  14. Embrace Forgiveness - Let go through forgiveness.
  15. Connect to something Higher - Stay connected, grounded and guided.
  16. Smile - It changes your brain chemistry instantly - a good mood picker-upper.
  17. Laugh as often as possible - it's energizing and has the power to heal.
  18. Sleep - Get the amount you need to recharge.
  19. Exercise - Change up the energy in your body - feel the difference both physically and mentally.
  20. Meditation - Get centred and tap in to your inner world.  
  21. Yoga - Combine movement with meditation and breathing.
  22. Visualization - Close your eyes, create images that empower you.
  23. Chant - Allow the power of words and sound to raise your vibration.
  24. Recite Affirmations - Train your brain to think the way you want it to.
  25. Remember to Breathe - Take some deep breaths to ground yourself.
  26. Pamper yourself - Get Massages, take baths, treat yourself.
  27. Take Inspired or take Creative Action - Do the things you love & get in the flow.
  28. Your Environment - Spend time in high-energy fields rather than low.
  29. Live in beautiful, bright & clean spaces - Feng Shui your house for good vibes.
  30. Surround yourself with Positive People and those who support you.
  31. Spend time with Animals - Feel the love.
  32. Enjoy Nature - Spend time outdoors as much as possible.
  33. Sit by the Water - Oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. - water has healing and therapeutic properties.
  34. Have Plants - They improve the flow of good energy.
  35. Acquire High-Vibrational Objects - Crystals, stones, statues, etc. - good energy things.
  36. Use Aromatherapy & Incense - They are mood enhancers and also have healing properties.
  37. 37. Eat Healthy Food - Pay attention to your diet.
  38. Drink plenty of Water
  39. 39. Keep a Journal -  A great and easy way to tap into your higher self.
  40. Read quality Books & Articles - Never stop learning and growing.
  41. Listen to Music - An easy way to quickly change your energy.
  42. Watch quality Shows - Stay away from mainstream media.
  43. Unplug - Take a break from the addictive, energy-sucking technologies.
  44. Relax - Take time to just chill.
  45. Use a Mantra - Mantras are beneficial in keeping your mind away from any conditioned beliefs. They help you to return to your true being.

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