Affirmations to Awaken Your Light Body

Affirmations to Awaken Your Light Body

These affirmations will open and expand your awareness and align you with your soul's wisdom. Assisting you to attune in with the unlimited abundance of the universe.  

Most of the affirmations start with "I".  We use "I" to refer to all of who you are: your greater self, also called your higher self, your soul, your Divine Self, the part of you that is connected to the deeper part of your being.

As you think or say these affirmations, you are calling upon the greater "I" within you to be present and express Itself, opening the doorway to experience a new, higher reality. 

Begin by quietening the mind. Let go of the outside world and feel yourself relax into your chair or comfortable seat. Breath in slowly and carefully.

As you take this conscious breath you feel your muscles relaxing, throughout your entire body. You can feel this relaxation as you slow your breath down and feel this relaxation as it enters your body.

Repeat these affirmations three times 

  • With each breath in, I fill my aura with shimmering, brilliant, radiant light
  • I easily reach expanded states of consciousness
  • I choose what energy I want to experience
  • I am a radiant being of light
  • My light body is awakening
  • I have the spiritual power to know and be who I am
  • I am fully present in the moment
  • I transform my life with light
  • I am now going to the next level of my evolution
  • My ability to observe and pay attention is increasing
  • I radiate light to everyone I meet. I am a being of light
  • I choose what energy I want to experience
  • My light body is awakening

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