Are you on the Right Path in Life?

Are you on the Right Path in Life?

Do you ever wonder if you are on the right path in life?  Deciding which path to take and whether it’s right for you, is something only YOU can determine. There isn’t necessarily only one right path for everyone. Many roads may lead to the same destination! 

Let's look at some ways that will help you know what the right path is for you! 

You look forward to getting out of bed 

One sure-fire sign is that you look forward to getting out of bed in the morning.  You feel as though you want to actively participate and savour every moment of the day ahead. Your first thought on your mind is how excited you are to do what you’re most passionate about. You can hardly call it “work” because it feels like a play for you—you’d do it even if you weren’t being paid and weren’t on the clock. Do you ever feel this way? Or would like to? 

You feel at peace and at one with the Universe 

No matter what might be happening around you, you feel calm and content with where you are at in life. You feel at ease and don’t let things outside of yourself bother you anymore.  You feel as though you have finally found balance in life, or feel as though you are missing out on something, and you have a strong connection to yourself and the universe, which contributes to looking at all the good in your life. You feel as though “life is good.” 

You start to notice that the good outweighs the bad 

When you tune into your highest self and discover what you came here to accomplish, life just starts to seem effortless. Synchronicities begin to become more noticeable. For example, you meet the right people at just the right time. You are drawn to places that enhance your spiritual growth and allow you to flourish. You feel healthier, you have more abundance in areas of your life and financial opportunities open up. Of course, the right path isn’t completely devoid of obstacles, yet you begin to notice that the good finally outweighs the bad. 

You have started taking control and creating your own reality 

You no longer live vicariously through others or wish your life could be different. You take ownership of your own destiny, you realize that nothing will happen unless you make it happen and realize you are a co-creator of your life! 

If you want to travel, you just go without worrying too much about the details or planning everything out in advance. If you want to start your own business, you do so without having to explain to others or wait for the right time. You will know the right time and you know what it feels like to stand up for yourself and not live by others’ standards. Consequently, you don’t make excuses for the circumstances in your life; you get results because you put in the effort. 

You no longer feel trapped by rules 

You realise that you came to Earth as a sovereign being, perfectly capable of directing your own life and making decisions for yourself. You don’t try to follow the crowd or fit into standards set by other people. You happily follow your own path even if you’re walking alone, as the saying goes ‘You speak your truth even if your voice shakes.' You know that your true worth lies in how you feel about yourself, and the contribution you make in other’s lives. 

You live freely, not living in the choking monotony that society calls living. You have created a life you enjoy living, not one devised by other people with hidden agendas. Finally, you have broken away from the pack, and have never felt happier. 

Things start aligning for you and miracles occur! 

When you’re on a course that’s taking you where you want and need to be, it can be as if the Universe starts sending you what you need to accomplish your goals. People or events show up to support you. Required money comes in from a donation or an unexpected source. Things just seem to fall into place and work out. 

Often it can feel like a mere coincidence or even a miracle; and maybe it is, but if you’re experiencing this, why question it? 

When you’re feeling aligned and in the flow, you will feel less of a desire to seek the approval of other people. You won’t need to get confirmation as to whether or not what you’re doing is acceptable or right because you’ll already be able to feel it in your soul. You feel motivated, energized, and excited about what you’re doing and where you’re heading. 

You feel proud of what you are doing and feel very excited to talk to others about it. You look forward to waking up in the morning and feel eager to get back to the task. Take all this as a good sign that you’re doing exactly what you should be doing! 

You lose track of time doing what you’re doing

When you look up and see that you’ve lost a few hours or more, you can bet what you are working on is truly in line with your soul’s desires. Hard work doesn’t feel hard – it feels Exciting, Rejuvenating, and Energizing 

Some people describe themselves as going into a sort of creative trance: losing hours or a whole day when they’re working on something that lights them up and feeds their soul. You may feel tired at the end of the day and that’s okay, but not depleted! 

To conclude of course circumstances and direction can change along the way and there’s certainly no rule that says you must stay locked into any course of action. The important thing to remember is that, if you notice you’re questioning whether or not you’re on the right path, the fact that you’re asking yourself that, could be a good indication that a change is needed. 

Good luck on your wonderful journey! 

Take a moment to listen to our mediation sounds and tap in to your inner world.  

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