Awaken to your True Nature

Awaken to your True Nature

How do you awaken to your true nature? 

Who are you and why are you here?  

These are the questions many of us ask ourselves at certain points in our lives.  We often ask these questions when we are at a turning point in life or feel as though we have lost our direction.

Take a moment to tune into your surroundings.  What do you see? What do you feel?  What sounds can you hear? Can you feel the earth beneath your feet or the chair against your body?

Allow these sensations to be present without judgement or attaching negative thoughts.  As you arrive in the present moment you can feel calm and relaxed.   Perhaps you might like to take a deep breath ... And gently let that go.  

Use these affirmations to activate your true nature.

I am a multidimensional being

I am made of Light

I am a powerful creator 

I choose to be happy

Happiness is my natural state

My life is full of things I love to do

I have hidden talents 

I am a creator being

Others see me as a shining light

I heal myself daily

I tune into the innate wisdom of my body 

I vibrate at a high frequency

I am exploring new hobbies and interests

I am rejuvenated by being in nature 

I am a sovereign being 

I am a fun being 

I open my mind to the Divine

I cleanse my aura during the day 

I protect myself from lower energies

I have a powerful mind

I am open to a new venture that I love

I trust my intuition 

I have a Higher Mind

I dance and sing to raise my vibration

I am a powerful manifestor 

I am always in a space of balance 

Waves of light surround me 

My Higher Consciousness is guiding me

I am an open channel of Light 

I love to eat healthy food

I move my body frequently

I have a gift for the world 

I navigate my own ship

The sea is a healing place

My mind is limitless

I choose wisely for my body

I know what my body needs

My mind is connected to the Higher Consciousness

I stand in my power

I speak up for myself 

I am a divine Being

I am grateful for what I have

The more I am grateful the more I have

I am a soul with Unlimited Potential

I am a Being of Light

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