Awaken your Intuitive Powers with 852Hz Solfeggio Frequency

Awaken your Intuitive Powers with 852Hz Solfeggio Frequency

The Solfeggio frequencies are part of the olden 6-tone scale, consisting of six notes that were reputedly used by the Gregorian Monks and date back as early Biblical times.

So, what makes this scale so significant that it’s still being talked about and used hundreds of years later?

There is the musical, historical, and religious importance mentioned above. But these frequencies are also believed to have healing attributes.

852Hz Frequencies can help in stimulating our third eye chakra and thus help is to reconnect with our intuitive inner self. The 3rd eye is also known as the Anja Chakra or the Pineal Gland, and it is your gateway to entering the divine realm. When your third eye has been opened, you will begin to have a clearer insight, a more open mind, a strong connection with your inner wisdom, intuition, and intellectual balance.

Amazing Benefits of the 852 Solfeggio Frequency music include: 

  •  It is the frequency of the Third Eye Chakra and the miracle tone for awakening intuition.
  • It helps us to balance the flow of energy in our brow chakra and access hidden knowledge from the supreme thoughtless realm of the human mind – our intuition.
  • It is directly connected to the principle of Light, which is a higher form of bioenergy.
  • It can help you return to spiritual balance and connection.
  • This tone also helps you to see through illusions and discover the highest truth, aiding you in communicating more openly with Spirit.
  • It helps us communicate with our higher selves and awakens your intuition and inner strength.
  • This frequency can be used to cleanse trapped negative energy and dissolve fear, overthinking, and worry. 

When you open the third eye it can reduce your stress levels and make you feel more self-aware and peaceful.  Reduced stress levels come with many health benefits, including lower blood pressure and a lower probability of experiencing depression. You may also see a reduction in things like headaches and upset stomachs. Solfeggio Frequencies are excellent catalysts and facilitators of mindfulness and a spiritually-awakened consciousness.


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