Awaken your mind to resolve a problem

Awaken your mind to resolve a problem

Place yourself in a quiet and comfortable position. Put your mind into a calm state.  Remove any distractions.  

Breathe evenly and deeply.  Allow all thoughts to drift past your mind like clouds in the sky without attachment.

Visualise yourself obtaining what you want and how you will feel. Affirm that you will be attracted to the right circumstances at the right time to take advantage of the opportunities presented. 

Now Say the following affirmation intentions three times each

Every aspect of beneficial circumstances is attracted to me

Every aspect of my life is open to opportunity

The power of attraction is multiplying around me and within me

Creation is within me and moving in a higher vibration

New paths to satisfaction are born within me

I am guided by a higher intelligence 

Then write your question on a sheet of paper. Avoid answering the question - simply write it, for example:

Should I buy this house?

Should I change jobs?

Is my investment wise?

Should I move to another city?

Will I be happy in this relationship?

What should I do now?

What is my next step?

How do I resolve this conflict with another person/situation?


Sit in silence and read the question to yourself for several minutes.  Direct this question to your Higher Self or unconscious mind. 

Go about your day and notice what signs and symbols arise in your awareness. Take notice of any conversation you may overhear or something a stranger says in passing. Notice signs in nature, the birds, the trees, or the animals you connect with.  Nature and the Universe is always trying to communicate with you. Notice any colours, music, or words to a song in your field of awareness. 

When you get the answer act on this answer before your conscious mind has a chance of second-guessing to argue you out of the decision. 

The right course of action will be presented to you and with the steps that you need to take. Trust in your inner wisdom as it always has the answers and will open channels to new perspectives and creative ideas.

Trust that the Universe is always working for your highest good and all the answers lie within you. You are a powerful creator!

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