Crystals for Everyday Use

Crystals for Everyday Use

There are many different crystals that may help you manifest certain things in different areas of your life. Crystals are conductors and receivers of energy. Choose a crystal that you are drawn to and focus your attention on what you are wanting to draw into your life.

Here are a few examples of using crystals to enhance important areas of your life:

Money and success

  • Pyrite: believed to attract abundance and boost feelings of motivation in business and career
  • Citrine: a popular crystal for wealth and success, nurturing creativity, inspiring ideas to generate money
  • Green aventurine: known as the stone of opportunity, believed to attract aligned money-making opportunities


  • Rose quartz: one of the most popular crystals for attracting love and boosting feelings of self-love
  • Pink kunzite: strengthens unconditional love and loving communication
  • Rhodonite: attracts love by healing emotional wounds like heartbreak


  • Obsidian and Shungite: helps dissolve blockages in your body, increasing circulation of energy and flow
  • Quartz: known as the ‘master healer,’ brings about an optimum vibrational state for healing
  • Amethyst: soothing, calming, and healing for stress, tension, and fear

Dreams and desires

  • Celestite and Moonstone: may help you connect to the divine and helps you remember your dreams, which can be useful for emotional processing, according to McCann.
  • Iron pyrite: removes feelings of inadequacy that can prevent you from accomplishing your dreams, says Halley.
  • Clear quartz: can help you gain clarity on what you want and is believed to raise your vibration to match your desires. 
  • You can also create a crystal Grid for healing and energy balance and protection. Or place one in the four corners of your home. Place them in your garden and the nature elements will activate them.

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