Hall of Nature

Hall of Nature
Go outside for a few minutes and connect with nature. Find a comfortable place surrounded by nature and allow yourself to become relaxed - Become aware of the sounds of nature around you.
Take a few deep breaths in and slowly breathing out. As you are feeling more relaxed set an intention to visit the Hall of Nature. In your mind place a deep blue cloak of protection around you as this is your auric field. Be aware that you are energetically travelling from one space to another.
In front of you see a green spiral... You are being invited to walk through. As you walk through, you find yourself standing in front of a beautiful emerald green glade of trees.
Colourful flowers are on the path and you can hear the melody of the birds singing.
You are being greeted by Pan, the Spirit of the Woods. He works so closely with nature and all the elementals.  You may even hear the melody of the flute he is playing.
You become aware of the sacred geometry in the trunks of the trees, the shapes, the spirals, the patterns. You become aware of the colours and the flowers and leaves.
You feel the vibration and the light around you. As you tune into the light around you, be aware of the sounds around you in this beautiful glade.
Pixies, elves may be felt around you... Hundreds of elementals like sparks of light.
Stay a while in this space and be aware of what thoughts, visions, and messages come to you.
When we are in nature we heal and connect with our true nature.
You may want to repeat these affirmations to yourself during your time in this sacred space.
'I am open to receiving the messages of Nature'
'I am secure, grounded and stable'
'I am at one with nature'
'I pave the path of light in time and space'
'All wisdom and aspects of myself are awakened and accessible to me'
'I bend to the winds of change'
'In every new breath I am new'
'I have the knowledge to heal myself'

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