How to Joyfully Protect your Energies in Daily Life

How to Joyfully Protect your Energies in Daily Life
How to Joyfully Protect your Energies in Daily Life
  • Surround yourself with a bubble of light with all the colours of the Rainbow
  • Ground yourself in nature
  • Dance to Music
  • Wear an imaginary cloak of luminous light
  • Visualise a shield in front of you with arrows bouncing of it and not penetrating
  • Every time you step through a doorway or step on a bridge bring yourself into the present moment
  • Focus on what you do want, not what you don't want
  • Change your frequency like a radio channel by re focussing your attention on something that makes you smile
  • Create space and declutter your home or office and it will create space in your mind
  • Walk taller and lead with the heart
  • Bath in magnesium salts or jump in the sea
  • Sit under a tree and listen to its wisdom
  • Find your soul group of friends, those of which you resonate with
  • Be around animals as much as possible
  • Radiate a smile to fellow humans
  • Give your body what it needs and tune into its innate wisdom
  • Connect with groups that inspire and uplift you
  • The higher you keep your frequency the more you manifest
  • See your mind as a still pond
  • Let go of the old and what is holding you back
  • Seek out places where you feel free and alive
  • Drink lots of fluids and eat healthily
  • It's never too late to acquire a new healthy habit
  • Set small goals that lead to bigger ones
  • Be prepared to change course and reset your sails
  • Train your brain to say nice things to yourself all day long

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