How to Slow Down and Tune in to the Peace Within

How to Slow Down and Tune in to the Peace Within

This week take notice of how slowing down can add to and deepen your experience of reality. In the midst of unrest and turmoil, we can tune into the peace within. Whilst multiple realities are being played out by those that seek to control our peaceful living and resonance with the earth around us.

We can begin to seek time out of every day to seek time in nature and notice what is around us. The gentle breeze in the trees or the rippling of a brook or river. A leaf falling to the ground. The ocean and the sand. Animals that you may see and connect with. You may see a squirrel, a bird, a bee, or some sheep or cattle. All around you, there are signs and symbols of peace. By staying in the moment with awareness, time seems to take on a new meaning.

You may listen to soothing meditational music - this slows the brain waves down to a new level of consciousness and creativity.  

Having a curious awareness about what is appearing in front of you will shift your perception.

Take a mini break several times during the day or go for a short walk, do some yoga or stretches.

Have a quiet place in your home where you can relax in, watch a movie, read or listen to inspirational podcasts. 

Repeat these words at least once a day as you go through your week ' I look for the benefits that a change in pace and slowing down can offer.' As you say these words, embrace one of the benefits of slowing down in the moment and welcome the benefit into your life.

By doing some of these things every day during intervals you will have a balanced awareness of what is being played out in the external world.






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