Meditation Journey with Colour

Meditation Journey with Colour

Colour has an effect on people and can have an influence on our health and emotional states.

The following is a journey to learn more about colour by connecting directly with the spirit of colour. Once you have taken this journey you can access colour in this way and apply that knowledge in your healing work. 

Prepare yourself as you would to take a sacred journey by getting into a comfortable position either sitting in a chair or laying down.  You may choose to do this indoors or outdoors in nature.

Imagine a stream that gurgles sweetly over polished stones beneath an open meadow and a forest of ancient cedar trees. See a beautiful white robe hanging on a tree to put on after you have bathed in the beautiful sparkling refreshing water in the stream.  Begin to follow the course of the stream to its source, a small pond led by a sacred spring pouring from an opening in an outcropping of large round boulders with bright colourful flowers blooming from the crevices between.

A small waterfall casts a spray through which a rainbow dances as the sunlight sparkles upon it…

There is a sense of enchantment here, as though you were in a place between the worlds, where magic lives.  You feel guided to reach into the water and cup your hands together and dip into the sparkling water. As you scoop the water from the pond, it is a clear, transparent colour in its absolute purity. Whatever colour you have received will have a teaching for you.

When your experience is complete, take off the white robe that has been covering you and lay it on a branch or a nearby tree. In that moment as you return to your physical form, you become aware of colours that you would not normally have noticed in your own body. You can only see them for a brief instant, during which you are given an insight about your physical body, or your mental or emotional state.

Ground and Center …

Every time you come to this sacred spring you will be given a teaching that will further your knowledge about colour and how to use it in your healing or other artistic practice.

Some colour meanings:

Blue: Cooling and calming.

Red and Orange: Warming and active.

Green: Nature, tranquillity, growth and renewal.

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