Nine Signs that you are shifting from the 3D to the 5D Consciousness: New Earth

Nine Signs that you are shifting from the 3D to the 5D Consciousness: New Earth

In the process of spiritual awakening our bodies shift into a higher frequency and energy levels. Have you ever found your mind awakening and had the feeling that there was more to life than you can perceive?  

If you are a Lightworker or Starseed, this is more likely to happen as you, as you have been incarnated here to assist and to guide humanity through the 5D shift.

Here are nine signs that you are shifting into a higher 5D consciousness: 

  1. You stop judging yourself and others in 5D earth. You have less ego and only experience the higher emotions and don't tap into the lower ones anymore. They are no longer needed for your soul's growth. Your Higher Self doesn't judge any emotion as good or bad. It sees it as neutral and guidance to help you along your way.  In 5D you don't judge others based on race, gender, beliefs and so on. You accept people for who they are and know that the differences make them unique and special. You no longer have a need to judge yourself or others. So, if you notice that you are having more compassion for others and less judgement you are closer to 5D earth.
  1. You trust that all your needs are met. You know that you are coming into alignment in having all that you want. You can manifest anything you want and can trust in your intuition and inner wisdom. You trust that all of your needs will be met even if you cannot see how yet. The Universe has many pathways in bringing you want you want and you are open to signs and symbols and see how these are all connected. 
  1. You understand that everything is energy. In 5D you understand that everything is energy vibrating at a different rate. Everything is energy. It cannot be created or destroyed but you can change that energy. Once you are in 5D you will be able to manifest anything you want almost instantaneously. It will take some time for instant manifestations but it will continue to speed up once you merge more into 5D. 
  1. You will notice that your manifestations are much quicker as you move closer to 5D. This is where the magic happens.  Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling really good it is easy to manifest and everything starts happening for you really fast. This is because you were tapped into the higher vibrational 5D energy. Things are vibrating faster and therefore you are manifesting faster.
  1. You are eating lighter. If you notice that you are eating lighter and putting less heavy things in your body then it is a good indication that you are moving more into 5D earth. You will notice that your body is craving less heavy, dense foods and is craving lighter more natural foods.
  1. You have started to illuminate toxins.  Whether that is toxic people, toxic substances, highly processed food or toxic thoughts. You can no longer handle this energy inside of you as it is no longer a match to your vibration and leaves your reality. In 5D you really don't have any room for any of these toxic things anymore. Whatever it is you begin to eliminate it doesn't feel good to you anymore and you can no longer tolerate the dense energy. Toxic emotions will not be held in your body anymore, causing illness. We become aware of our shadow and shadow work. 
  1. You feel a deep need to connect with nature. You may want to get outside more and ground yourself with nature. You may even find yourself wanting to leave the city and get out into the country or a smaller area. You feel closer to wildlife, plants and trees and the animals and feel and sense them communicating with you. They also want to be closer to you.
  1. You feel a Oneness. As you move out into nature you feel a oneness with nature and everything in the world. 3D is very much about separation and 5D is about oneness. You being to feel as though you are connected to people more. You will also feel more connected to the earth,  trees, the sky, the sea and the animals. 
  1. You will begin to have more lucid dreams. You may be remembering your dreams a lot more and they may contain much more detail than they did before. Your dreams are very connected to your clairvoyance and intuitive ability. Clairvoyance means 'clear seeing'. It is a good idea to write them down as many of them contain messages for you.  You may notice you are connected more to your intuition. Basically, your psychic natural abilities are enhanced and continue to grow. 

As you shift your energy from 3D to 5 D you may feel as though your old life is collapsing. As you take in more light energy your 3D experiences will start to shift. People may leave your life and new ones come in. You may find 'your tribe' so to speak. you will realise how much better you feel in this new life, lighter, happier and living your best life doing what you love and have increased energy. You are rebuilding and attracting more of what you want!

Peace, Love and Life!

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