Release All Anxiety Now

Release All Anxiety Now

Begin by observing your breath...  Are you breathing shallow and short or deep and slow? Often when we experience anxiety our breath quickens and heart rate increases. 

Take a moment… 

Take a moment now to take a slow, deep breath in and out. Closing down your eyes, observing your thoughts..  What are you thinking about at this moment? Are you thinking about something in the past or in the future?

Bring your awareness to the moment and simply breath - See your thoughts as clouds passing by and let them drift on by. Be an observer of these thoughts as they float on by, be aware of these thoughts but not consumed by them.  

Like a train coming into a station. It comes in and then passes on by.  See these thoughts like a train coming into the station for a moment- pausing and then moving on. As this train comes into the station, visualise this train stopping to collect your unwanted thoughts and feelings.  

Visualise the carriages shining with a violet light, transmuting your unwanted thoughts and emotions. Visualise this violet light clearing away any negativity and anxiety you may be feeling. The train then starts again and begins to move away -- taking away any anxiety and fears you may have.

All of your thoughts and emotions have been transmuted into natural energy.  You feel as though a burden has been released from your mind and a weight of your shoulders. Whatever mental and emotional state you find yourself in, remember they will pass.

Allow your body to relax

The following affirmations will assist you in turning to a state of calm:

I am releasing these unwanted thoughts and feelings from me now on all levels of my being.

I am feeling calm and relaxed despite my external circumstances.

I am letting go of all the worries of my day and replacing them with feelings of peace and serenity.

Everything is well in my world and I am safe.

You may wish to practice this mediation whenever you are feeling uneasy or unsettled.  It only takes about ten minutes and makes a big difference. You can use this meditation at any time of the day.

You are now ready to face your day with a positive and renewed outlook

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  • Quail TheDragon

    Hi! I’m from NZ and I’m 11 yrs old! Your thunderstorm sounds, music, anxiety relief & crystal info really helped me, so thankyou very much!

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