Six Ways to Create a Relationship with Nature

Six Ways to Create a Relationship with Nature

Do you often why you feel so rejuvenated after spending time in nature? You are connected to nature in so many ways and forms. As we strengthen our connection with the natural world, our sense of beauty, wonder, and curiosity is restored, and our brains and nervous systems are calmed. Our stress levels are lowered and our immune system is boosted.

Here are 6 Ways to form a connection with Nature:

  1. Notice at least 3 good things you notice in nature every day. Write them down and notice the sensations that come up as you do.
  2. Listen to the sounds of nature, for example, the birdsong, the bubbling brooks, the rustling wind in the trees. If you have a garden sit and listen to the melody with your eyes closed.
  3. Transport yourself into the natural world. If you cannot get out into nature, bring nature into your living room and watch a nature video. You are reducing your stress levels.
  4. Find a special spot in nature. Develop a bond with the earth. Have a regular place in nature where you can sit and look around to what is happening around you. This could be your back garden or window if you can't get out. Spend time there at different times and notice many different qualities.
  5. Learn to see the beauty in everyday life. Notice the clouds drifting and floating across the sky. Notice the gaps between the clouds as they drift on by.
  6. Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy is a nature connection practice that aims to enhance well-being, reduces stress, and promote relaxation. It is underpinned by mindfulness principles, encouraging the opening of the sense to the forest atmosphere. Slowly walking through the forest using all your senses and inhaling the air fosters a connection to the landscape.

Your health will benefit from letting nature into your awareness as often as you can, any way you can. Watch the ever-changing shapes of clouds, admire trees, listen to the wind, and look at the moon, at birds, and at mountains. When you do, remember that you are part of nature and connected to it in so many wonderful and healing ways!

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