Amazing Benefits of the Solfeggio 639 Hz Scale - Love and Matters of the Heart

Heart Chakra Healing

The ancient Solfeggio scale is best known for its use in the soothing Gregorian chants, but its history can be traced back to Biblical times. The Ancient 6-tone scale, and an additional 3 tones that have been discovered since, is considered by many musicologists, sound healers, and scientists to have a positive effect on the mind and body.

639 Hz - The Frequency of the Heart

  • 639 Hz is used for balancing the energy center known as the Heart Chakra. This frequency can be used to attract love, enhance communication, enable the creation of harmonious community and personal relationships, as well as heal damaged relationships and the people around us.

  • It can transform the most anxious hearts into compassionate loving one - full of positive energy.

  • This frequency will help you with your meditation journey.

  • As you listen to music that is tuned to this frequency smile at your heart. See your heart as a flower, fresh, full of love, full of fragrance radiating out to the world.

  • As you meditate along with music, tuned to this frequency, let go all the negative feelings inside your heart, and watch it become tender, full of love and positivity.

  • It enables the creation of harmonious interpersonal relationships.

  • This tone can be used for healing and transforming relationship problems and those with family, partners, and friends.

  • 639 Hz frequency can be used to encourage our cells to communicate with their environment.

  • Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance, and love.

  • Assists you in going deeply within, recognizing your own beauty and allowing the intelligence of your heart to guide you.

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