Take A Mini Holiday Right Where You Are

Take A Mini Holiday Right Where You Are

Even in the middle of the day there are many ways to reduce your stress level or take a 'Mini Holiday' for your body, mind and soul.

Getting out of the 'red zone' stops the current wear and tear on the body, and it helps prevent the brain and stress hormones from getting so sensitized to stress that they over react to it in the future when triggered. That is why it is important to feel as good as often as possible, several times each day.

These experiences are more than enjoyable; they help protect the body against future stresses, improve problem-solving and avoid downward spirals.

Here are some soothers to practice during the day:

  • Take four long, slow deep breaths and with the exhale, imagine that a grey cloud of stress, worries, or troubles is leaving the body. With the inhale, imagine that peace and love and wisdom are filling the body.   Repeat a favourite saying, mantra or prayer.
  • Make a cup of tea in a Tea Pot. This is a mini ritual.
  • Listen to music.
  • Go for a short walk.
  • Sit on a park bench and notice what is around you with sights, smells and sounds. Just observe.
  • Meditate.
  • Exercise, stretch or do yoga.
  • Do some art or craft.
  • Prepare a simple healthy meal.

Some of these things will only take a minute or so and can be done during busy times of the day.

Be at Peace

Another way to stay calm is by focusing on being rather than doing. Even if there is a lot to do but try to avoid running around more than needed, being a perfectionist or staying busy as a way to aviod feelings. Every so often stop all that doing for a bit. Allow the urgency of the daily round to fall away for a bit and allow a quietness to fill the air.  Thoughts slow down, no longer grabbed and jostled by tasks.

There is presence in this very moment and no worries about the future. Allow the feeling of being freer, less bound by burdens,  less limited by roles. 

The edges soften. Each breath becomes like a wave on the seashore, rising and falling, the ocean abiding.

There is peace, contentment, warmth and happiness, just here, just as you are.

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