What Are the Benefits of Theta Brainwave Healing?

Theta Brainwaves Benefits

Theta is a versatile state and produces a calmative effect on our minds and bodies. Theta brainwaves are associated with the onset of sleep and when we lose conscious awareness of the external environment. This brainwave frequency is associated with deep meditation, peace, calm, and healing. In Theta we can access deep tranquillity and creativity, accelerated learning, and the use of mental programming for positive affirmations.

In this state, we can induce healing, stimulate muscle relaxation and pain relief, and make the mind more permeable and receptive to change through different types of therapies such as hypnosis and sound baths.

Here is a list of benefits with Theta Healing

  1. Deep relaxation and stress relief
  2. Anxiety reduction
  3. Mind and body healing
  4. Lowers heart rate
  5. Increasing intuition
  6. Subconscious connection
  7. Ability to program the unconscious mind
  8. High levels of creativity and problem solving
  9. Improved emotional connections with self and others
  10. A bridge to higher spiritual connections

A Natural Solution

Theta healing through special music is beneficial for everyone. Whether you want to reduce anxiety and stress, or encourage healing of the mind and body, you will benefit. Subliminal messaging through ambient music uses Theta frequencies underneath the music to help you overcome confidence issues, weight issues, addiction issues. The healing benefits emerge with regular practice.

Over time you will notice that you feel more positive, more relaxed, and calmer in challenging situations. You will feel less anxious and stressed. You will sleep better and generally feel more contented and present in life. The Theta state is the state where deep healing can occur on multidimensional levels and puts us into a state of homeostasis — the body’s natural state that facilitates healing. Theta is a natural state — why not train our own brains to tap into this amazing resource and natural ability? 

DISCLAIMER: Should not be used to replace any medical or psychological treatment. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner immediately.

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