What does Happiness Mean to You?

What does Happiness Mean to You?

You may have already heard of the phrase: 'Happiness Comes from within.'  But what does this mean? While external circumstances play a role, for example, having our basic needs met has a powerful impact on our well-being and sense of contentment. These come down to choices and what we value in our lives, our mindset, intention and positive habits.

We can boost joy by noticing the goodness both outside and within ourselves but purposely paying attention to the small things and everyday moments that awaken glimmers of joy and increase our brain's capacity to feel and notice even more of the same. What we give attention to expands. 

Happiness comes from connection, feeling valued, and being part of meaningful pursuits, whether it is being involved in a group, meaningful projects, community events, planting a garden or having someone smile back at you during your day. 

Try these three mindfulness techniques to shift your attention toward happiness:

  1. Come into the present moment. The ability to gently guide your attention back to the present can foster an appreciation for yourself and your surroundings and is a key to lasting happiness. You are training your mind to reclaim joy and well-being.
  1. Next, embrace gratitude. By making the decision to embrace gratitude with a sense of curiosity you rewire your brain to accept all the benefits gratitude has to offer and accentuate moments of joy and happiness with this quick gratitude practice.
  1. Then create your own happiness practices. Happiness is in part a very individual pursuit and there are attitudes and habits we can cultivate in daily life that will enhance our personal well-being. From practising kindness to appreciating your family and your environment, the birds, the animals and the warm bed you sleep in.

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